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    Ready to get wet! From beginners to the avid diver, we have a dive for you!
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    Dive into their world Let us show you the unspoilt beauty of the underwater world!
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    Individual attention Whether alone or in a group, we respect your individual needs.
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    Chillax with us Dive at your own pace, without time constraints.
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    Shallow or deep? Either way, our guides will show you the best that Malta has to offer.
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    Forgot your Mask? Our fully equipped diveshop has everything you need!
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    Get Wrecked! or better put: let us show you the best wrecks with our custom RIB

Isn’t it time to book your scuba diving holiday in Malta? Get yourself out to Malta and enjoy the bestdives the Med has to offer.

Coffee IdeaNow let's book your scuba diving holiday in Malta.

Here at H2O Divers we know what will make your Maltese diving holiday a great one.  We operate two PADI Centres within 5 Star Diving Resorts on an island which has world-renowned reputation for the best scuba diving in the Mediterranean. Add our individually designed dive packages, together with our vast diving and teaching experience, and you have the perfect recipe for making your diving holiday on Malta, Gozo or Comino a memorable one.  On this site, we will give you thousands of reasons to book Malta as your next diving holiday.   If you are new to diving and want to learn to dive in Malta you can complete one of our PADI courses, or if you are looking at completing some dive packages with us in Malta, our friendly team will be happy to help you.  Our website has been designed to explain the ins and outs of diving in Malta.


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Check out our full list of special offers, might be worth bookmarking this page as its ever changing!


Featured Dive Site

Migra Ferha

Ease Of Dive Da

This unique and unspoilt dive site is now on the H2O divers itinary. After only a twenty, to thirty minute trip from the north of the island you are under the spectacular Dingli Cliffs. With some wonderful overhangs to off gas on the deeper sections of the site or just to potter around at 12 meters.  On the deeper section there are some cars and a motorbike that were pushed from the top of the cliffs.


 Migra Feha Cardinal Fish Scuba Diving Malta H2o Divers Underwater 15 Scuba Diving Malta H2o Divers

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